Sangaste Rye Village is situated in Valga county, South-Estonia. One can come here by bike, by car, bt bus, on train.

Coming by car from Northern or Eastern Estonia take the direction at first towards Tartu, then Võru and Otepää. You will find Sangaste 20 km after Otepää to Valga direction. Coming from  Pärnu or Viljandi take the direction to Valga town. You will find Sangaste 30 km after Tõrva to Võru direction - just after Tõrvat turn to Võru, cross the Tartu-Valga road, railway and soon you are here. You can always use Google map http://goo.gl/maps/f7jJY.

Coming by bike - just follow cycling routes Tour de LatEst, Estovelo 3 or Eurovelo 11. Routes are There are signs, resting places and infostands with map and tourist information on the route. More information http://tourdelatest.valgamaa.ee/, http://www.bicycle.ee. Maps of Tour de LatEst route are also available on tourist information centres in Southern Estonia and Northern Latvia.

Coming by bus use Tartu-Otepää-Valga bus lines. More information: www.peatus.ee. Main stops are:  Sangaste, Lossiküla.

Coming by train use Riga-Valga and/ or Tallinn-Tartu-Valga train lines. More information: www.peatus.ee. Stops are Keeni and Sangaste, which are a bit far from village (6 -11 km) so you need extra transportation from there to village. But you are allowed to come on train with your bike for example.