Tours in Sangaste Rye Village. Excursion in castle from roof to cellar, in manor park with opening all secrets, in manor area on horse carriage, in Rye Village and even to Otepää or Valga town. Guides available in advance order in Russian, English, Finnish, German.
Contact:  (+372) 767 9300, info@sangasteloss.ee, www.sangasteloss.ee.

Paintball in Kakulaane Farm. Come to Kakulaane and put yourself to the test with the athletic adventure that is paintball! Paintball can be played outdoors or in specially constructed game areas. You can choose between a range of missions - snatching your opponents' flag, defending your territory or attacking the other team's. We currently have equipment for up to 20 people, and provide our own referee. Play your cares away! Paintball is a fantastic team game.
Contact: (+372) 535 05056, info@kakulaane.eu, www.kakulaane.eu, 57°53'2''N 26°20'35''E.

Kuutsemäe Holday Centre is situated only 12 km from Sangaste. This is popular in winter as well as in summer.  For downhill skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts we have 6 different slopes with differing degrees of difficulty, plus a children’s slope. The lengths vary from 214 m to 514 m.
Contact: (+372) 766 9007, info@kuutsemae.ee, www.kuutsemae.ee, 58°1'32''N 26°19'14''E.

Kääriku Sports Centre is situated only 13 km from Sangaste offering different sports facilities (gym, athletics stadium, ball game facilities, outdoor swimming pool), ski stadium and hiking and skiing tracks.The Kekkonen hiking track can be used all year round – in summer for hiking, jogging and cycling and in winter for skiing. The track was named after former Finnish president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, who visited Kääriku. The 15 km track starts from Kääriku stadium and passes through several spots of natural beauty, including Harimägi Hill – one of the highest points in the Otepää Highlands (211.3 m above sea level).
Contact: (+372) 766 5600, info@kaariku.com, www.kaariku.com, 58°0'12''N 26°23'21''E.

Nature hikes by Loodusturism.ee offers a range of recreational activities in nature. Our team organises different and combined hikes for larger and smaller groups. You can choose from training hikes, photographing trips, snowshoeing & bogshoeing, bog hikes, ordinary hikes, canoeing, scooter trips, sledding trips.
Contact: (+372) 527 2701, info@loodusturism.ee, www.loodusturism.ee.



Off-road safari in Sangaste. On this off-road safari you get to see nature from a completely different angle! You are transported in a Soviet-era army vehicle, taking you along forest and farm tracks, through forests and forest lakes. You will have picnic in forest and may see some animals and birds.
Contact:  (+372) 767 9300, info@sangasteloss.ee, www.sangasteloss.ee.

Tours with Tartemik Co hunters. Activities in nature with local hunters, hunting stories and meal by the fire, animal observation and feeding, photo hunting.
Contact: (+372) 518 2016, kaidotamberg@gmail.com.

Fishing near River Väike-Emajõgi. Fishing might just be the most relaxing form of recreation! You can head out just for one day to whet your appetite, or take a whole week for fishing - choice is yours! Contact: (+372) 535 05056, info@kakulaane.eu, www.kakulaane.eu, 57°53'2''N 26°20'35''E.

The Pokuland theme park, just 17 km from Sangaste was created after a children’s book Pokumaa by Edgar Valter and after its main characters – Pokus. The prototypes of Pokus in nature are sedge tussocks. The world of Pokus begins from the visitor's centre – Pokuhall – that looks like a twin-Poku and surprises guests with its unique stairways, passages and interior design elements. In the Pokuhall visitors can see original illustrations and oil paintings by Edgar Valter, get to know his creative work and make Pokus themselves. There are many other activities and events, such as study trails to introduce local nature, village swings to take a ride as well as picnic and camping sites. Opened in winter Th-Su 11-16, in summer Tu-Su 11-16. Prices from 2.30€ child, 3.50€ adult.
Contact: (+372) 534 25054 , info@pokumaa.ee, www.pokumaa.ee, 57°56'32''N 26°35'9''E.

Sorcerer’s Kingdom in the Primeval Valley of Lake Uhtjärv.  If you would like to visit one of the smallest and most special countries in the world, you should head for the Sorcerer’s Kingdom in the Primeval Valley of Lake Uhtjärv. You will be welcomed by the Chief Sorcerer, Uhti, who will show you the possessions of the Sorcerer’s Kingdom and tell you its legends. In the Sorcerer’s Kitchen you can taste a variety of meals - Rumpel-Pumpel’s dinner is particularly good. There are enough leisure activities for you, but you should definitely try one of the most unique sports – broom throwing.
Contact: (+372) 533 32253, info@noiariik.ee, www.noiariik.ee, 57°53'24''N 26°35'8''E.