You can have it all. That means you could stay in a luxury hotel suite in manor house one day and a rustic farmhouse the next – if you wish.

Sangaste Castle Hotel. You are welcomed to fascinating Sangaste manor. There are 14 cosy and comfortable rooms with 34 beds.  Hotel was renovated in manor style in 2012. All rooms are different - even the windows. The castle was designed by architect Otto Pius Hippius, who was inspired by the famous Windsor Castle in England. It originally had 99 rooms – because only the tsar could have 100 or more rooms. Prices from 79€ double/twin room, 99€ suite, 149€ wedding suite.
Contact:  (+372) 767 9300, info@sangasteloss.ee, www.sangasteloss.ee.


Sangaste Rukki Maja Guest House is the only place in Estonia where you can read about the characters created by Estonian writer August Gailit in a room specially dedicated to him or sing songs to the lyrics written by Friedrich Kuhlbars in the room dedicated to the poet. There are 12 lovely cosy rooms with 27 beds, Rye restaurant, sauna, shop, internet, playground, parking area. Prices from 36€ single, 42€ double/twin, 55€ triple room.
Contact:  (+372) 766 9323 , info@rukkimaja.ee, www.rukkimaja.ee.


Kakulaane Farm. Accommodation is available in a garden house for 4, in another small garden house on the shore of the Väike-Emajõgi River that houses 5 and in a log cabin sauna for 25 people. A camping ground, outdoor stage and paintball are also available. It is the perfect place for get-togethers and summer parties. We also organise nature hikes, photo hunting and nature tours in an old Soviet-era SUV that can take up to 6 passengers at a time. Come and discover nature! prices from 20€ garden house, 130€ log cabin sauna.
Contact:  (+372) 535 05056, info@kakulaane.eu, www.kakulaane.eu.

Kiisatamme Farm. The renovated living quarters of Kiisatamme Farm offers cosy and comfortable accommodation to clients who appreciate privacy in addition to comfort. We are located 18 km from Otepää, 11 km from Kuutsemäe and 8 km from Kääriku and the well cared-for track of the Tartu Marathon is just about a kilometre away.  After a good day out, you can enjoy the pleasures of a fresh birch whisk in a real country sauna or a bathing tub. Beds in the house 5, in cabin 8. Prices from 16€ person, 40€ room, 75€ cabin.
Contact:  (+372) 507 4718, info@kiisatamme.ee, www.kiisatamme.ee.

Kivimaa Farm is a lovely place for visitors to southern Estonia to bed down for the night. It is open year-round, so come rain or shine, Midsummer or Christmas, for birthdays or get-togethers, work or pleasure, all are welcome! The farm also offers a unique opportunity for you to get away from it all with your horses. We can accommodate you, and our stables can accommodate your four-legged friends. Altogehter available 2 rooms with 12 beds, sauna, kitchen. Prices from 13€ bed, 195€ house.
Contact:  (+372) 569 85696, info@kivimaa.eu, www.kivimaa.eu.

Kunstimäe Holiday House is located between the hills of Southern Estonia on the bank of the Väike Emajõgi River.  It is spacious and private place that is suitable for both family holidays and big meetings. An old stable in the yard has been converted into a part hall for up to 80 people. There are tenting area, saunas, grill-area, fireplace, wifi. Breakfast included, catering in advance order.  Prices from 20€ person.
Contact:  (+372) 505 8231, info@kunstimae.ee, www.kunstimae.ee.

Sangaste Fort Holiday House. The private holiday house welcomes guests in all seasons: in winter, it is the perfect place for skiers and snowboarders, in other season it is favoured by ramblers, golfers, swimmers and people enjoying other delights offered by summer.  We are located 600 m from the Tartu Marathon track and 1500 m from the Kekkonen track. It is possible to order catering and tours of the ancient Sangaste Fort. Bike, ski and other equipment can be hired by pre-order Available 2 rooms with 15 beds. Prices from: 230€ house/ whole weekend.
Contact:  (+372) 583 77130, info@sangastelinnus.eu, www.sangastelinnus.eu.